Kids perfect present

Hi guys, I've been busy with moving in a new place. And I really am tired reorganizing everything :) and tomorrow I'm going back to my hometown so today I go for final Christmas present shopping for my family, I'm so excited for them to receive the present that I bought them.

My youngest sister is only 3 years old and she is adorable. I can't stop thinking of her everyday, miss her every night !

I bought her the pillowpet and I think this is a perfect gift for every children. I was so happy that I finally bought it for my lil sis ! Because she always said pillow , and she pronounce it so cute and I love to ask her where is your pillow ? So that she can keep saying pillow ..

It come with a pet bag, and it is freaking cute !!! And of course a pillow pet birth certificate , to make sure my sister taking care of her pillow .

By the way , it suitable for everyone , you can give this to anyone and not just for kid:)

Psstt .. It is having discount .. Go grab it :)