L’oreal perfect clean + scrublet( Christmas stocking stuffer)

While I was reading my magazine, I saw advertisement about New cleanser with a brush with it and I can't wait to get it, I was looking around for it and I found it at Sunway pyramid guardian.

I was only going to blog about this after I used it .I bought the sensitive and dry skin type cleanser.

And I can't wait to blog about it, cz I love it :)

For the first time I use it I do feel tight around my face :) but the second day I use , it doesn't make me feel so.

I used it for only 'night time' :)

Why ?
I found that it really help with cleansing all dirt and excess of make up that still stay on your face althought you did remove with your make up remover.

The scrublet that comes with the cleanser helps a lot with exfoliate dead skin and I like to use it around my nose where my blackhead seem like to be there.

How to use it ?
You can either make foam and spread it to your face and use the scrublet with soft circular motion all over the face.


Take the cleanser and put it on the the scrublet and then do circular motion to your face..

The scrublet is soft and it doesn't make you feel hurt when you use it but please don't put too much energy while doing the circular motion on your face .

My opinion on WHEN to use this cleanser ?

1.With the scrublet only for night time (everyday or three times a week)

2. You can use the cleanser alone everyday twice a day :)

There is a lot of review that I read about this cleanser that it helps with acne skin as well. If you are struggling with acne problem you can try this :)
But i recomend not to use the scrublet everyday , because if we exfoliate our skin everyday it will cause to a lot of skin problem.

More about this Cleanser:

L'oreal perfect clean

Four different types :
1. Normal / combination skin
2. Exfoliating
3. Dry/ sensitive skin
4. Blemish prone skin

Rm 32.90 (I'm not so sure)

I was so happy with it. I give it grade A.

I was thinking this one of my Christmas present for my friends :) Don't forget to start planning for Christmas present for anyone that you know.

What do you think? Will you try it ?

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love jenn