Smell sweet for Christmas ( Christmas stocking stuffer)

Hello guys , today I went to Sunway for dinner and I wanted to get a sweet scented shower gel , and I know body shop they have a lot of different flavour.

So I ask my boyfriend to pick one of his favourite flavour and he pick PAPAYA and PEACH .

So when I walk around the shop there is a good deal corner, BUY ONE FREE ONE for shower gel. I'm so happy to see that because i'm just going to buy the exact same shower gel.

So I straight away grab it and pay it at the counter, it cost my boyfriend RM19.90 .

I use it today and it just boost up my feeling, what do you think of shower gel that have strong scent ? Do you love it ? Do you think it can make you happy ?

Go get it ;)

Perfect for grandma , mother, friend