Feeling cozy everyday

Hello sweetheart,

Yesterday i went for dinner with my aunt at my Favorite restaurant, GOKU RAKU RAMEN at mid valley. They actually have the best Ramen ! I love it ! Going to talk about it more soon...

So back to the title of this post,

I did post about my holiday socks. I use it every other day because i only had one pair of them. I really fall in love with them and i used them while I’m sleeping. They really make me feel cozy and comfy :) Because every night i love to sleep with air conditioned room, but i usually set a timer for it so that i don’t get really cold middle of the night.

I love it more because inside it actually feels like you feet surrounded by cloud. 

I can’t wait to go to Lasenza and purchase two more of the socks, and it is 40% off plus additional 10% for membership.

I think you can still check it out at Lasenza, its still available for sale.

Then i also picked their COMFY SLIPPERS, in a bright pink to match with my bed sheet. They are also 40% off. I tried them on and they are super soft inside. This should be a treat for my feet.

Beside that you can also check out their sales for BRA- buy 1 get one 50% , and buy 2 free 2. 40% off for sleep wear, pants, robes.

Tips for a good night sleep :
wear a pair of comfy to avoid waking up middle of the night and its actually help you to get a good night sleep. 

Do you wear slipper in your house? Are you thinking of getting a new pair ?

 insomnia ?? Try to wear a cozy sock while you sleeping:)

Be inspired 
Love jenn