Hello kitty Mask

Hello guys, i should go to bed now but i still pampering myself with my HELLO KITTY MASK.

My sister went to taiwan and she bought me two box of this sexy look hello kitty mask, she knows that i love HELLO KITTY.

I’m a huge fans of HELLO KITTY since i was in primary school. And then i fall in love with MARIE CAT from The Aristocats.
In real world Im not into Cat, i love puppy, dog. Do you think this is weird ?

how about you ? what is your favorite character ? 

My sister bought me two different mask, one is in PINK and another one is in PURPLE. Both are for hydrating, Pink is with ROSE, PURPLE is with Grape. 

It smells pleasantly, and it does makes my skin feel so cool and fresh :) Such a perfect mask for my chinese new year. 

Use it after you cleanse you face, and put your toner( if you have it) then apply it to your face. 
wait for 10 - 15 minutes. 

Love Jen
Happy chinese new year