A letter of Year 2012- HAPPY NEW YEAR

I am really exited about 2012 because everything went so well in 2011 and the reason is I don't even know time flies so fast that i don't realize it's been 365 days because i'm enjoying every moment of my life and it is really a good time. I've been surround by amazing people and they are great!

New year, New resolution .
Perhaps you had a bad and heart broken things happened in the past, but today is brand new day and you should start with brand new feeling. START TODAY !

I'm here not to teach how to live your life, but to share my way on dealing with my own life. I've gone through things that's really make me realize that EVERYDAY is a BRAND NEW DAY and all i need to do is to do the best of each day and do the right thing with faith.

I always think big, thing more than enough, and it doesn't hurt anyone as well to think like that.

I always ask myself that why earth is a round shape ? Because it tell us that everything is in a round shape that you will not find a dead end and you always find a new solution .
Because at the end of the day all that matters is how you feel about it and how it was going to affect you. It sound simple but yet people always want to make it seems really hard. All you need to do to achieve a brand new day with good things is to know what is it really bothering you ? your feeling would be in the first place, if you could think positive and believe that everything will be alright, i can assure you that everything will be just the way you wanted it. And never take things for granted.

Im here wishing all you the best for the year 2012. Amazing day and incredible thing will happen to each and everyone of you, and you will be happy throughout the year. HAPPY NEW YEAR !