Story of " Chance By CHANEL "

Yesterday i was having great time with my boyfriend, after he touched down kl airport we went for movie marathon , first movie was UNDERWORLD, second one VIRAL FACTOR. And while waiting for the second movie, we went for supper at KIKU ZAKURA ( nice sushi )

"Surprised by my boyfriend, he actually bought me present and put it in my bag, and he asked me where was his house key, and i was looking it in my bag, i was holding the packing and i still did not notice it until he ask me what am i holding then i realized it was a CHANEL gift packaging. I was so surprised and he know that i want this perfume since last time i saw it. He is so sweet to me ! Thats why i called him baby all the time! "

I adore the scent so much, and i keep refresh myself with it :)

A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future 
- coco chanel

Twist it and spray !
Easy to travel with :)

 Round like the wheel of fortune, CHANCE EAU TENDRE transforms into an irresistible purse spray!

This Fruity-Floral is a ripple of tenderness that now fits into the palm of your hand… so you can grab your chance in a flash and hold onto it forever.

20 ml format sold with 2 refills. Refills also sold separately (3 x 20 ml).

Be inspired

Love Jenn