Coach & Anna Sui "fabulous gift"

I'm so excited finally I got my 1Malaysia voucher, I'm so late but it is extended to 30april ;) Yeah !!

I can't wait to share with you guys what I got from kinokuniya using my voucher.
*Woot woot*I got coach organizer bag and Anna Sui organizer bag ;) its awesome !! I know they are selling the anniversary of 70th coach magazine from one of my best friend , i can't wait to get it and now i got mine ;)while I was looking around , I saw Anna sui spring collection magazine and it included a free gift of organizer bag and it was so pretty and useful !!perfect for me .

It was almost Rm 90 of each magazine but it have 20%off ;) so it only cz me Rm136 for both ;)

The magazine of coach and Anna sui, they are in Chinese but if you love the organizer bag you can still get one and just look for all the fabulous design. Get inspired :)

The first time I got myself a magazine with fabulous gift was back 2010, and now I have total of 7 of them ;) they are around rm50 to rm90.