Henry Cats & friends 40% off

I went to Bangsar village last sunday and i found out henry cats and friends is going to close down there , so they are having sales 40% everything, it is until 21 Apr. After this one close down, the only place that we can find henry cats and friends is at times bookstore.

If you don’t know henry cats and friends, please check out their website www.henrycats.com

I love the design where the artist draw all the dogs and cats even chicken on a stone:) they are adorable :)

I bought three item that day, magnetic notepad with a lovely note at the back of it, a small notebook that matches my coaster on my working table, and a passport holder for me to put all my discount card and membership card because it has a lot of cards holder :)

I might going there soon to buy the small pouch because i keep thinking of it :)

We are family

Friendships are like family, they can last a lifetime. This
unique scene created by world-renowned artist Henry Lee
symbolized moments of friendships and characteristics that make us all unique.
The closeness of the group reflects their affection for one another and their distinctive poses
signify their different personalities.

Much like children change posses just before the flash of the camera,
each animal makes a special sign to signify their personality.

Vicky flashes the victory sign
Cody quietly cuddles up to jasmine who memorizes all with her beautiful eyes
Emma flips into handstand
simba makes a scary far
oscars squeezes his eyes and mouth to make funny face