My day- Trip to IBE

Hi guys !! I'm been struggling to find some time for blogging, how i wish i can just blog everyday. Yesterday i went to International Beauty Exhibition. Yesterday was the last day, and i thought it was the first day, my mistake to write down the wrong info into my planner.

I went to lunch at LEVAIN and i had a mushroom pasta, and my boyfriend had a beef stew. And of course i couldn't  help myself to get the macaroons. After we finished our lunch, we went to KLCC for the IBE.

This is the first time ever i went to IBE, and we need to register and get a sticker before entering the hall.
And i've been looking for a waxing kit for myself for such a long time and finally i bought it yesterday and i was so excited :) There is a lady who serve me and she teach me how to use them and give me tips on how to wax yourself. And some CANMAKE makeup product and compress ball. :)

Both of us can't help ourself to buy this SUPER MASK, it is a LED FACIAL MASK by Dr lumen. Its a new product in Malaysia and we bought it because it is just Unique and hopefully it works perfectly for us :)

It is actually a Mask that you can use it everyday after your daily skin care, or with your favorite facial mask on. 

Promoting the proliferation skin fibroblasts and collagen, which is helpful for skin whitening, pores shrinking, and even for spots diluting; meanwhile, providing cell activation energy, promoting effectively the metabolism of aging facial epidermis, and reducing the risk of acne and pimples relapse; by pupil stimulation, increasing the melatonin hormone secretion to maintain the body’s melatonin level in the young state and adjusting and restoring the circadian rhythms not only to deepen our sleep and improve the sleep quality, but also to improve body’s functional state and defer senescence, which is more important.
 And i can't wait for another Beauty fair. 

Did you attend any beauty fair before ? How was it ? Do you end up spending a lot like me ?( hehe)

Be Inspired
Love jen