My 22th Birthday

Got this from souled out :)

Hi guys ! Finally I’m 22, yeah !! Im over with my 21, and now it’s time to create an unforgettable "the 22th" of my life. Thank you for everyone that makes me feel happy and care about me all the time. I’m so grateful and thankful for everything that happened to me for the past 21 years. Especially my parents and siblings, that is the most magical things that happened to me ! I had my great time celebrating my birthday at my hometown, with a dinner and a cake with a birthday song from my family. Besides that i had great time with my sister and my boyfriend having dinner at a japanese restaurant called YAMADA japanese restaurant. After the dinner, i went out with my BFF, EUGENE and RACHEL to Souled out@sri hartamas.

Picture time : (quality of my picture is low, forget to bring my super camera, using my camcorder)

DINNER @ yamada japanese restaurant

CELEBRATION @my hometown

My mom make fun of me, bought me angry bird birthday cake