Sexy Heel or ???

Hello everyone !!

Yeah ! I just got back from my hometown and finally everything settle down, and i promise myself to really spend time for my blog. I will update with more my love. I can’t wait to share with you, so excited !!

I got a heel from POPULAR. Do they selling heel there ? Yes..

Can you guess what is it ?

It’s a Scotch magic tape Dispenser. I love scotch magic tape because it is so useful for me to label my stuff.

When i saw this while I'm having my stationery shopping, I can’t help myself to buy it. And i got for Rm 19.90 and extra 20% off !woot woot !!

I need to make it more sexy, maybe some Rhinestones will help :)

Do you love it ? Go and grab it for your study room or your office, I think it make my day every time i use it ! 

Be inspired
Love Jenn