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Hi, i was going through

and i come up with a shopping list so that i can give you an example to achieve saving :)

Shopping list i’ve created to achieve the most saving and all these items are recommended from me :) try it out with discounted price  -
milk cleanser is my favorite type of cleanser, it retains moisture of your skin
Cleansing your face with sponge, not only removing all the dirts and of course its a way of saving water as well. 
ECOTOOLS is my favorite brand,they use reusable material:)
 clean face towel is important for everyone, to prevent break outs or more hygiene :) 

Foot spa
weekend pleasure.
You can either choose Rm30 to get the brush and the scrub
or Rm33 for the cream and the moisture sustainable
Or get all for RM63 but you need to do two transactions:) 

A lot of good review and it is definitely one of the best :)
try it for discounted price :)

you will love it :) trust me :) 
Don’t forget to give this
Every purchase of RM60 and above get Rm30 discount

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