1st day food diary

Hi everyone,

Welcome to my food diary ..

Breakfast - 10a.m

I packet of Positrim(chocolate) + 1 scoop of All plant protein
*forget my vitamin


Lunch - 230pm

I love the soup - restaurant nearby my condo
My bf help me to finish it
sharing with my BF 
i drink half of this honey lemon

Dinner -10pm

I packet of Positrim(chocolate) + 2 scoop of All plant protein
+ Double X + Salmon omega 3 + Lecithin E

I take 1500ml water today :) 

MY Daily exercise 

I took the 10 floor staircase today, and running up and walking down 2 times
I make my crunches 120 repetitions
works for my butt 80 repetitions 
Arms 40 repetitions 

What do you take today ?Have a good day :)