Getting back on Shape

Hi ladies and gentlemen ,

I'm so excited to get back on shape since three weeks ago, because I gain 5 kilograms for the past few months.And i do gain a lot since i moved to KL,  I just stop exercising for few months and what happened to me is just make me unhappy. I eat unhealthy food for the past few months. And i want to get everything back on track and i need to treat my body better.

I writing this to my blog because i want everyone to be part of my losing weight and getting my perfect body shape together. This make me work harder for it !

It was hard for the first day when i just cut my meal down, i don't know if i'm doing it right but i didn't feel bad so i guess i'm ok with it:)

My food diary for the past 3 weeks 

BREAKFAST( not specific time )

1 packet of POSITRIM (nutrilite) 
2 scoop of Protein powder(nutrilite)

LUNCH( after 2pm)

Plain water

Dinner (after 8pm)

1 packet of POSITRIM (nutrilite)
2 scoop of Protein powder(nutrilite)


sometime when i can't help myself i eat half bowl of my boyfriend's dinner

I'm totally gonna change my food consume time management. So i'll start today!

My exercise

Every week, i took 30 minutes to exercise- i'm using tracy anderson 30 days method.

I sleep late midnight, sometimes 2am. This is going to stop today. this is definitely not good for my body.

My result for the past 3 weeks

I drop 3kilogram. yeah ! But now it is still maintaining. I'm going to change my routine. And start to write about my food diary(i try to capture and write down what i take the whole day. )

My problem Area

Thigh- i used to be a dancer, and i think when i stop dancing my thigh really become huge and my hips growing bigger and bigger , Flappy arms- I think genetically don't own a slimmer arms ( my family are like the "hulk" type of arm(what do you called that?), Tummy- when i start gaining weight this is the one is getting bigger and it does bothering me all the time .
But things are going to change as i have all of you to be my reader and i will get my ass strictly to what i plan , and achieve my perfect body shape! 

Should write down the measurement . But i don't have my measurement tape right now, will update soon.
I'm not considering myself fat, But My body is not "Fit" at all. Im 4'9 and I'm 47kg currently.

ps: i'm waiting for my METAMORPHOSIS by Tracy Anderson, all the way from USA.

will update today's foos diary and post it tomorrow.


Any tips for me to lose weight?? any traditional way thats works?