Tracy anderson Metamorphosis workout

Hi everyone,

I got my Tracy anderson metamorphosis in the mail few days ago, and i started the TRACY ANDERSON METHOD for my Body . I spend about 1 hour 15 minutes everyday since 14/8/2012.

Who is Tracy Anderson ?
Celebrity trainer.  Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna personal trainer. 

First day trying out her dance cardio, its actually the similar with her other book with DVD  that i got from kinokuniya 2 years ago. I'm enjoying them as i'm dancing out my sweat !!

And the Workout is so fun to do with !! The workout is waking up all the muscle so that we can design our own body.

I work out for the forth day now, and i'm feeling great, my puppy is enjoying looking me jumping and dancing, she is playing with me as well :)

Beside workout and dance cardio. I am also following her Eating Plan, which really forcing me to learn the names different vegetables, and the preparation is so easy , trust me, i can do it and so do you ! I should show you guys how i achieve to make all the meal :) My boyfriend loving her Veggie Protein Soup.

For the first week, we are going to eat 7 different recipe for Nutrient Boost week, one serving for each everyday ! 

-Power juice 
-Blueberry Applesauce
-Sweet potato corn pudding
-Carrot Parsnips Purèe
-veggie Protein Soup
-Chocolate pudding

90Days to transform my Body begins- 

This is the set up you need
try to look for a space. 

If you are thinking of working out and dreaming of transforming your body, Try TRACY ANDERSON METHOD ! 

One of my favorite recipe from the eating Plan :) Veggie Protein Soup