H&M Store opening in Malaysia

Hello Fashionista,

Save the date 22 September 2012 11AM, I want to be first to try on H&M clothing !!

Get READY !!
Be sure to prepare some cash, debit card/credit card(make sure they working)! 
Comfortable shoes, cute and easy to change outfit , so that you can try as many as you want :) 

Be prepared by browsing their clothing click this - http://www.hm.com/my/ price and info for every items are stated in their website. 
Take note on which item you would like to see in person :) The shopping budget. 

COOL thing you can do in their website- there is a DRESSING ROOM , you can create your own look with their clothing!! Everything that you need to know is stated in their website, PRICE,COLOR, SIZE...

Create your own look- http://www.hm.com/my/dressingroom/LADIES
You can even saved it, all you need to do is create an account in their website, and it is a easy reference while you are doing your real shopping :)

i created this look, love it ?? 

H&M is one of the clothing store with the in trend  and affortable price of clothing. You need to check it out since it is finally in MALAYSIA:)

If you would love to get your H&M clothing, be sure to pay a visit.

LOT 10 Shopping Centre
50, Jalan Sultan Ismail
50250 Kuala Lumpur

Date: 22 september 2012 
time: 11 Am

 If you would love to get your H&M clothing, be sure to pay a visit. 

If you would love to get anything from H&M, and cannot make it to Kuala lumpur Lot 10? Don't worry, let me know- email me(jenngorgeous@gmail.com), and i can help you to shop while i'm visiting the store opening and ship it to you :) Free of charge of course.

SHARING IS CARING :) Don't forget to say Hi, if you see me there. SEE YOU GUYS SOON !!