How to pack my travel makeup bag? Part 2

Hello beautiful,today's post will be all about what skincare that i bring for travel period?
I have a lot of skincare product and i love to continue experimenting with different brand, thats the reason why i'm not afraid to just try it on. But of course, use a little bit amount for first time trying out you product.

My recent road trip is all about quick and fast packing, and i want to use all my abandon product.

Tips: Don'f forget to bring cleanser, moisturiser and sun protector.

List of product  and little review for them:

Evian face mist to freshen up my dry skin.
- i bring this cute pink cap bottle of face mist because of the size and it is to freshen up my skin.

Shu eumura Skin purifier
- it remove all my makeup, but i don't  like it when comes to my eye area, because i will accidentally rub into my eyes even with cotton pad. My eyes will become blurry because the oil will emulsified. this is definitely not my favourite for eye area.

Murad Hydro-dynamix Ultimate Moisture for eyes
-Helps my dehydrated eye area. Highly recommended for those who looking for a feather-weight cream for your delicate eye area. This product is best of moisturizing your eye area, if you have fine lines or even wrinkles, you might want to add on essence for that particular concern:)

Beuabelle gorgeous multi defence total protection
- I fall in love with this product while i'm travelling but not recommending to put a lot on the face, because my face become red after i accidentally put a lot. It is a rich cream, a little for me is fine.
A rich, rejuvenating cream containing 5 major active ingredients, the NEW Gorgeous – Multi Defense Total Protection acts at diverse levels of the skin to effectively suspend and reverse the signs of time.
• Skin cell metabolism is boosted.
• Skin’s natural cellular turnover is accelerated.
• Tired skin cells are given the energy they are lacking.
• Skin reacts better with more vitality and conserves its energy for enhanced resistance to fatigue.
• Skin is guarded from environmental damage cause by free radicals.
• Dry and dehydrated skin is protected with round the clock hydration.
• Aging is decelerated.
• Skin takes on a silky, healthy, balanced and radiant complexion.
• After one month application, skin is 3 times firmer and 4 times more toned. 

Beaubelle brightening ceansing exfoliator
- It brighten up my skin like mostly exfoliator did.

Eve taylor face oil No1 -sensitive skin
- i will put this after cleansing and before toner, it is my favorite step as it is really help with my sensitive and dry skin. Essential oil is extremely absorbant and moisturize my skin.

Malswisse uv sun protector spf 30
Chanel edt
kleenex face wipe
antabax antibacterial cleansing wipes