My Fashion and Beauty Inspiration

Hello beautiful,

Today blog post is all about my FASHION AND BEAUTY INSPIRATION.

I recall back all my memory , and i've been loving fashion and beauty all the time. My mother love to dress me up and and let me join beauty contest. And we were always lucky because i wont disappoint my mama and i always get prize home:)

 Magazines plays the big role in my beauty and fashion inspiration because they are the easier way for me to get for my fashion and beauty inspiration.

I started to buy fashion/beauty magazines since i was 13 years old.
I can remembered that i will walk after school to the book store and buy the magazine. And trust me that time the magazine where i study was so expensive.
I will buy Popteen magazine. I'm crazy with japanese style that time.

Fashion/beauty Magazines is giving me a lot of tips and inspiration. And i loved to store every single magazine but unfortunately a flood destroyed them. I have like more than hundreds of them.
I will cut them out and keep them in a folder and the folder become my Beauty bible.

Since three years ago i started to find all my beauty inspiration through blog and youtube.
Let me tell you that, Youtube is the best place to find anything you want from fashion trend, makeup tips, beauty tips, anything from all over the world !

Few guru that i love:
1.Dulce candy
2.michelle phan
The list never ended !

Blog that i love :
And you know what , Google is wonderful , you can find anyhting you want, From the best look for 2012 , summer runways photo....

Let me tell you that, Youtube is not only for my fashion and beauty inspiration, tricks for my pets, cooking , decorating, crafts...
I always open a lot of window and start to click and pause and watch every single video and take note for my inspiration:)

From tv series or drama that i watched, they are giving me a lot of fashion and beauty inspiration. The outfit they are wearing the shoes, the makeup...

SEX and The City
Pretty little Liar
Jane by design
Confession of a Shopaholic