My Hottest Sigma Pink Pro Brush Belt

My love towards makeup has been grown day by day so beside self-taught, i decided to take class and get my Certification from City and guilds. Hopefully i learn more from it :) My goal, is to learn the basic and from that i can make my own creativity and keep learning towards my passion. 

Make up is my passion, and to me it feels amazing when a face is transforming, the confident shining out from the person it is like MAGIC ! And for me a little bit of makeup is not going to harm anyway, so why not ? 

Recently i decided to buy a brand new Brush Belt, i want to work with more intersting brush belt, instead of boring black brush belt , i choose a Pink brush belt from Sigma.

I love it so much because it can hold up to 50 brush, it is in Pink color,  easy to clean, it have adjustable strap that you can adjust to fit your around your waist and over the shoulder. It can be converted to a brush roll as well. Suitable for everyone!

The color shown in the website does show a little bit lighter pink , but in real product it is slightly dark hot pink. It doesn't come with a weird smell which is good ! when i bought brush belt from coastal scent, i don't like the smell, make me headache!

You can get it here---> SIGMA BEAUTY
It is retail for $29  but now it is only $24 
It is almost RM120plus shipping:) 

come with a bag... cute!! 

This the hook to secure it on your waist 

adjustable strap, you can use it as a brush roll to protect your brush :) 

There is compartment where you can out your business card :) 

Omg, i love my brush belt !

Looks Pro but boring ... hehe

What do you think ? which one do you prefer? Black or pink ??