How to achieve Healthy Skin- EMOTIONALLY self care

Hello beautiful,

If you wish to have healthy skin and overall well being, then you must remember 3 step Murad method:
(personally i take this advice really serious and i follow it, and i see changes from my body weight, my skin, and of course i'm happier than before) 

1. Topical
Everything that you going to put on the surface of your skin. Don't forget to put on moisturiser and sun protecter.

Murad 3 step to healthy skin
Cleanse -- tone--treat and repair--hydrate and protect

I'll get more into this soon :) 

2. Internal
Take the appropriate supplement to meet your skin concerns and eat your water. Raw fruit and vegetables contains structured water, the kind that promotes healthy, young cells. Include at least 1 colourful, raw fruit or veggie with each meal.

I'll get more into this soon :) 

3.Emotional Self-care

A happy, challenged mind contributes to overall health- inside and out.

Today's Highlishts -How we can achieve healthy skin by Emotional Self-care.

We need to connect with others. Isolation causes the skin and body to age more rapidly, so make that lunch date, take those dance lessons, go to spa for a facial and explore your inner passions in life. A happy, challenged mind contributes to overall health- inside and out. 

Don't have time to go Spa ?Don't wanna spend so much money for one-time relaxing service ?

Don't worry ! You can actually Do it at home, and spend the same amount for One-time for products and do it everyday at your own private place.

So recently i went to Crabtree and Evelyn new store opening event, and i got some goodie bag from them. And then i was tempted by their product while i'm trying out all the samples.


I love them after i tried their samples, Every product comes with a subtle flowery scent that is absolutely catch my heart. Because i prefer scented product that is not giving a strong scent, it just make me headache.

After the event, i went home and open up my goodie bag, and jump into shower and use their body scrub.

LA SOURCE Body scrub

it just a slight changes, but it does exfoliate the skin:) the right side smoother than the left side. 

This creamy body scrub is blended with fine pumice, refreshing peppermint and emollient oils. Leaves dry skin feeling soft and smooth.

To use this scrub, spread the scrub to your leg and arm, especially your knee and elbow.

You can easily make circular motion because it is in gel type. But you should be more gentle while your are spreading it as it is a grainy scrub.

After that you can wash it off, it does exfoliate your skin well but i don't see dramatic changes of glowing skin or smoother skin which i was expected. But i love the scent it just make me relaxed.

Tips: I used this alone without shower Gel, so that the oils remain on my skin. And don't forget to apply body cream.

The smell of this Body scrub like see breeze ( relaxing sea air fragrance) . It makes me relaxed.

Evelyn Rose 

After shower , you need to apply Body cream to your body to moisture your skin.

You can actually do self massage to your legs and arms while applying the body cream. At this time, you can show your appreciation to your whole body, by saying thank you and be grateful that they are perfectly healthy.

I love the smell of it, because it is subtle, soft and fresh. What a great scent to wind down a stressful day. It smells like a real flower. You can imagine yourself sleeping on a bed full of roses, the smell is not overpowering at all. It makes me feel more feminine.
  • Rosa hybrid and Rosa gallica extracts condition the skin
  • Contains hydrating evening primrose oil
  • Antioxidant-rich rose hip seed oil
  • Emollient olive oil helps soften skin
  • Formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or propylene glycol
Don't forget to use spatula or cotton bud, don't directly dip your hand into it for more hygiene:)

  • Mild cleansing formula
  • Rosa hybrid and Rosa gallica extracts condition the skin
  • Glycerine for added moisture
  • Formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or propylene glycol

Lather up in the shower or bath as the first step of your skin care ritual, and pair it with Evelyn Rose Body Lotion for layers of softness and uniquely beautiful scent.

Take extra time for our mind and body, by spending time for ourself, relaxing. We get happier and healthier. Smooth skin and overall well being always be with us:)