Trying out new Skincare product-Murad

Hi beautiful,

Yesterday, i received a parcel from Murad and i was so surprise because i ordered a Murad Environmental shield Intro Kit, but they included a lot of samples. I cant wait to try them on. So i will be using all of them for about a week from today and get back to you guys and let you guys know how the product react on my skin. Does it suitable for me? We going to find out NEXT WEEK.

The reason why i choose this kit,

I used to be outdoor Girl where i was exposed to the sun everyday, and my skin was really dark.
Thats why i need to be more focus on taking care of my skin, because once all the unwanted pigmentation coming out, there is no rewind button, and i need to get a lot of product or makeup to cover it up.

Primary Benefit

  • Fades freckles, age spots and other unwanted pigmentation
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots

EXTRA Samples.... wow!!
hydrating toner
Moisturiser with spf (everyday MUST)
eye cream with spf(totally need this)
essential-c daily renewal complex(not sure how to use it, but i already send an email regarding this item )

loving the pouch.. thank you

If you want to try out MURAD product, You can log on to , easy step to place your order then make your payment and just wait for it to come and surprise you with samples:)