Asahi bloggers Get together session

Hi beautiful,

I was invited to Asahi bloggers get together session on thursday at Idart Quad Sunway Giza. First I was like totally off because i had my 9 hours class on that day, and i was really into study mode. But i was thinking why not take a break and just go there and have fun. Glad that i make the right decision because i'm enjoying good time with new friends and we were playing games and drinking.

I was totally not a good drinker but i like Asahi beer because i can accept the taste of it, its not too strong, but taste light and i can keep drinking it :) And i prefer really cold beer. So definitely for someone like me who is not a drinker but you wanna have fun with friends just talking about anything beside serious thing because you totally need alcohol. A little bit of alcohol is not gonna harm anyone anyway. But Please don't Drink and drive, if you are planning to drink just a little bit, you need to take a taxi or ask someone to take you home :) 

Have you tried playing Dart Game machine? Its a dart machine, that you can play with four of your friends, where each person will have 501 points, and the fastest person to get 0 points will win. Just remember First to zero wins! 

It is definitely a great games for everyone :)) But i'm not sure how much per game. 

 you need to take your dart away from the board and press the red button for the next player.
(its me , i'm wearing F21 top, roxy skirt, F21heels. )

waiting for their turn.