Celio Party

Hi beautiful,

Last week friday i was invited to CELIO PARTY. I brought along my boyfriend because Celio is a Men's clothing store( they used to have for ladies but no longer there) , so he will be helping me trying out clothes and let me know how he feels about the clothing.

And he ended up buying some pants and shirts from Celio, because the design and the cutting of Celio clothing is actually pretty good on him. He can find his size there which is great because he gained so much weight, the shirts and pants looks really good on him :) Beside that, we can enjoyed 50%off if we buy 5 pieces and above on that day.  Price range for Celio clothing is basically start from RM99.

We enjoyed ourself in Celio party because :
1. free flow of Kronenbourg 1664
2. thai cocktails by sticky fingers
3. we can enjoy watching male model (seriously good looking guys).
4. 30% off for every item
5. 50%off for 5 or more item
6. you can participate in playing Dartlive2 (which i didn't play) adn can win prize up to RM500.

Anyone joined the party will get a Goodie bag with voucher (but we can only use the voucher for the normal price item)

Photo diary: 

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He just started shopping...

F21-top, pants, shoes(opes..one set)
Lv bag

pretty girl serving drinks for the night.


talking with Jess and sue ann

I'm so lucky
where is your eyes babe??
Thanks jess for helping me with the camera:) 

Check out Celio fb page for more upcoming events/ promotion: www.facebook.com/celiomalaysia