My First CosmoBox (beauty box)

Hi beautiful,

Last night it was so long and stressful because my exam is coming, and i need to focus doing my revision. But today Gdex send me "surprise", something to brighten up my day !! And i want to blog about it right away.

What is Cosmobox ? 

Another box full of surprises!! Beauty box will definitely give you a reason to smile, and a reason to take care of your beauty.

You might giving yourself a reasonable excuse that you are too busy to pick up beauty product and make yourself feel fabulous. But now you can't use it anymore because you can subscribe beauty box every month and you can try them out and finally just go out and buy the full sized of if :)

To subscribe,check out their website :

You can choose :

RM99 for 3 months
RM198 for 6 month + welcome gift
Rm398 for 12 month + welcome gift

Not available to sabah and sarawak( don't be sad, "coming soon") 
If you are desperately want it next month, contact me, let me help you (maybe i can help you to ship it to sabah or sarawak, but you gonna pay the shipping fee(no extra charge) 

Let see what's in my Cosmobox ???? 

I torn the Gdex plastic and ... Aww The cover.. Isn't it GORGEOUS?? 

The actual box is WHITE with embossed logo !! It's so classy.. 
( i can reuse them as my christmas present box or a box to store my random things) 

Surprise surprise ... the bow is too pretty to untie.. 

Welcome note and the details of the product including price of each one. 

A black folder that keep Voucher and leaflet( reusable folder *for your secret receipt*) 


Got the mini facial voucher from origin, but i kinda scare to redeem it because don't know if they keep pushing you to buy their product or not? maybe i'll give a try and let you guys know. 

Origins checks and balances frothy face wash
 It's been 2 months and i didn't buy any full sized of face cleanser because i keep trying samples. 

I tried the origins checks and balances frothy face wash this morning after i received it 
- my first impression, it's smell like soap, and i think it is suitable for those who are looking for squeaky clean result, and i can feel it really cleanse my face. 

The nail shop 6 way file and buffer
I need this to make sure my nail look fabulous even though i don't have nail polish. Recently i'm not in the mood of having nail polish because i will need to take it off when i'm doing facial for someone. 

Elie Saab le parfum, EAU DE TOILETTE
The scent is soft and it reminds me of someone who is soft, ladylike.. Its not really me, but if i transform to soft feminine, ladylike, cheerful, sweet i might spray this on me :)) 

System professional/ shampoo and hair mask
I prefer to just get the hair mask, becaus my scalp is too sensitive that i can't  simply use shampoo, i really had a bad experience with this shampoo. But the mask is okay, i put it on my hair not directly to my scalp. 

This would be my Super WOW product in this month box. Other product are just normal and do not wow me at all.

Yeah ! i'm so happy to get this, because it's time to get rid of my old mascara. Remember to throw all your mascara because they only last for 3 months after you start using them. Can you imagine germs and bacteria crawling on your eyes because you purposely apply them there? 

Why not subscribe for yourself today ? Treat for yourself of being so Great:)