My limited edition Sony hello kitty Camcorder

Hello beautiful,

Do you love recording every unforgettable moment ? I love to record my lovely day because when i played them back and it just make me happy. I have the cutest pink camcorder and its a limited edition from sony.
And i totally forget to share them with all of you, i got it for about 5 months. It's a gift from my boyfriend( thank you ver much !! i love you ! you are the best !! ). And he got it from Pc Expo Auction, i think its on May 2012 at mid valley.
But the sad part is that the my camcorder hello kitty face has been rub off, but its still my precious one:))

It's only gonna be 101 hello kitty set of camcorder .

more about it : (its in chinese)

I'm limited No.42