Rise of the guardian - movie

Hi beautiful,

Yesterday I went for the premier screening of Rise of the Guardians. I totally forget about it until 8pm when I decide to go out for dinner, then my boyfriend ask me if I want to go for movie. So I check my planner , then I realized that I have a premier screening at One Utama at 9pm. Luckily we still make it on time, and i like the movie so much, because it reminds me that i used to believe in tooth fairy, Santa Claus, Easter bunny.. And I still believe.

"Rise of the guardians" movie that I fully recommend to anyone..for those who forget their favorite Santa Claus , Easter bunny , tooth fairy .. Believe in miracles. Don't stop believing :)
"Just believe and you can eventually see it happening " Miracles not fairy tale, it's around us now. Just wish for it and believe it. Don't ask how it works, it will works when you believe in it. Once you believe then its happening .
The movie is enjoyable, you won't get bored.