Ted baker Sales!!

Hi beautiful,

Today I went out with my girlfriends, we had our lunch together and small shopping session together at Bangsar village. My friend Eugene came back from her vacation to Hong Kong and Macau , she brought us some cookie from the shop she fall in love with , the cookies is yummy !! You need to get them ;)) she spend almost Rm800 for cookies in that shop , and thats proving how much she love it right ! And of course I can't wait to try them out , and I instantly ... You know its like those tv commercial .. A light shines out ... And the background music .... Oh my Lord.. Yum yum yummy... I'm so lucky to have BFF like her, because I can have delicious cookies all the way from Macao.

Back to the topic that I really want to share with you guys today , So we went for shopping session , and my friend Eugene told us that she don't want to spend money today, then we end up buying goodies from Ted Baker , they are having sales !!! We've been eyeing the purse for the longest time ever, but we never buy them maybe it's not the right time . Luckily we bought them today because we got 20%. And I choose small pink purse because I don't have any small purse just for my small bag. Eugene pick the red long purse, and a yellow small purse, both are last pieces. So you better be hurry, and the lady there told me that usually they do not give any discount for the purse.

Beside that the clothes are discounted up to 60% , and some of the cute bags are 40% off(ps: I saw one of the bag still selling the retail price in the website ) go and grab it while stock last .. What a good bargain ;))

Picture time, Hooray...

Light pink ... i thinks its cute and adorable. dont you think so ??
Retail for Rm375 ( got it for 20%off) 
20% discount purse 
Available colour: orange, black, red, hot pink, barbie pink (while stock last)
style: long and short purse.
Ted baker store - KLCC, BANGSAR VILLAGE

Ted says: "The more you give, The more you get."  

seriously delicious !! and its not too sweettt...www.cookiegalerie.com  you need to fly to hong kong to get it.