Kanebo-Mr.Shunichi Suzuki's makeup workshop

Hi beautiful,

Today is my lucky day because i've been invited to Mr.Shunichi Suzuki's makeup workshop at Kanebo Malaysia international salon Bangsar.A professional Japanese makeup artist from Japan giving tips for makeup. And i'm totally going to share with you guys. 

Some Tips from professional Japanese makeup artist from Japan MR. SHUNICHI SUZUKI (this is taken by me)

1. You need to clean up your eyebrow, if your eyebrow is too messy, the focus going to be at your eyebrow. MAKE SURE TO GROOM YOUR EYEBROW. 

2. The best concealer palette is that it consist of two different shade, that allowed us to create a perfect shade to cover pigmentation, acne... 

3. Gel eyeliner type is best to use for tight line in between of the eyelashes because it is smudge free. 

4. Liquid eyeliner is best to use to create a perfect fine line . 

5. Pencil liner is best to use for blending. 

6. Lip liner is important to shape up the lips andthe lower part of the lip shape follow the shape of the jawline. Important to blend the lip liner. 

7. If you are having dewy foundation is good to have a glossy lip, sheer lips. 
If you are having matte foundation then match it with a matte lip. 

8. For quick touch up transformation of day look to night look is to add brown eyeshadow and make it more sexy. 

9. to apply fake lashes, you need to use curler to curl them with your real lashes and take mascara to apply them together so that they look natural. 

Mr. Shunichi also remind MALAYSIAN women to put on SUN PROTECTION SPF to our face everyday, and to get a eyecream because our weather here is hot and it is easy to have dry under eye and get wrinkles easily. 

you need to meet him in person, he is the MASTER OF MAKEUP, ask for his tips to create your own best look. 

The first exclusive makeup workshop with Mr.Shunichi Suzuki - professional Japanese Makeup Artist from Japan is taking place right now! :)

There are still a number of sessions in schedule, so, if you've not gotten your vouchers yet, do rem
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The RM300 voucher will entitle you to:
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- The opportunity to learn professional makeup skills from professional Japanese Makeup Artist from Japan, Mr.Shunichi Suzuki.

Share this fabulous news with your family and friends and don't miss out on this great opportunity! :) 

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