Party ready - Flawless skin tips

Hello beautiful,

December is finally here, the very last month for 2012. We are celebrating for our achievement this year , and what we had accomplished in year 2012. Party with friends and family, we might meeting old friends and family, and more photos to be taken, we need to get ready our skin so that we look fabulous , no matter how much matter can help you to cover up, but we must have our skin ready for makeup :)

So here are some tips I took from every beauty sources , they are almost the same , repeating the same tips, but do we really follow them ? So if you want to achieve a flawless skin then you need to follow these :
( not even one day of skipping it )

1. Drinking water and eating water..

Drink at least 8 glasses of water, and eat more fruits and vegetables ( this is where the water can be store in our skin and make it stay hydrated )

Eat right darling , not too much of chocolate, caffein, sugar, white flour, fried food, and Alcohol( I know you are in party mode) maybe drink more juice :))

2. Moisturize your skin.
This a step where you cannot skip, you are going to lock your skin with a moisturizer. If you are on budget, try drugstore brand. If you are able to afford more pricey product which is a great investment, go for department store brand.
Beside that, you can also invest in a good eye cream.

Do you know that - wrinkles aren't causes by dry skin? But it is because of skin damage beneath the skin. Mostly when we have wrinkles, all that we can do is to help with the appearance but not to cure them. Start caring for your skin today :)

3. Get enough sleep
While we are sleeping we are actually helping our body to heal. With just a little sleep can make us look dull, breakouts, dark eyes circle. So make sure to get a good sleep without interruption. You can spend on a good pajamas, comfortable cozy sheets.

4. Exfoliate your skin.
When you exfoliating your skin, you are actually removing dead skin cells which can block pores and also bacteria. Without exfoliating at least 2 to 4 times a month, It's hard for your skin to absorb topical moisture.

Don't do it too often and you might exfoliating the healthy cells as well, and your skin feels irritated and looks red.

5. Exercise regularly . The more you sweat the better your skin will be. Remember to hydrate well before and after your workout .

6. Be happy

Have faith even you are really suffering :) Be happy and grateful , your Mind and body is connected , when you are happy you will get the supernatural power for the universe. Talk only what you really want it to be happening, Positivity in everything that is happening !

Be inspired.