DHC COLLAGEN BEAUTY 7000 officially launch in Malaysia


Hi beautiful,

Yesterday(09/01/2013) i went to the official launch of DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 by Watson at Fukuya Japanese Restaurant. I have the opportunity to know more about the collagen drink from DHC. I've tried few different brand of collagen drink before, and comparing to DHC collagen 7000, i found that it is more easy to drink because it doesn't taste too sour or sweet, i'm definitely fine with the taste of it. Because from my experience of taking other collagen drinks, sometime the taste will be really bad and i can't even take it.

Beside that, TEST RESULTS show drinking DHC Collagen 7000 every night before going to bed for 3 consecutive months increased  skin elasticity by 26%, and up to 46% in skin moisture. It is suitable for both MEN and WOMEN. Most products in the market contain between 1000mgs to 5000mgs. Collagen beauty 7000 contain 7000mgs for quicker and effective results.Plus, it has been fortified with vitamin C, Pre-hyaluronic acid and L-Citrulline which work together it making collagen beauty 7000 more efficient in our bodies.

You can easily purchase it from Watson(over 260 stores nationwide), don't forget to be their members for just RM12 and collecting points to exchange cash voucher.

1 box( 10 bottles) RM129
Promotion pack of 2 (20bottles) RM199 (total save of RM59)

Do you know why we need collagen ? 




"even my boyfriend said this is the best taste ofcollagen drink that i ever gave him"

Talk show by DHC productrepresentative to talk about product info and 2 bloggers to share their userexperience
     From left: Tey Cindy (Celebrity blogger/Emcee);Audrey (blogger); Ringo (blogger) and Chua Pui Charn (Watsons Senior Buyer –DHC)

fourfeetnice took collagen beauty 7000 every morning, because of her gastric problem. Although she is new to collagen beauty 7000, she love it because it makes her skin improving. 

Cheeserland took it every night, she said she always been travelling to japan, and in JAPAN, DHC collagen is a hot item. She even let her husband drink it :) 

From left: Eric Wong (Watsons Marketing Manager, BrandCommunication); 
Audrey (Blogger- Fourfeetnine), Ringo (Blogger- Cheeserland); 
Caryn Loh (Watsons   Merchandise, Space & Planning Director) 
and Chua PuiCharn (Watsons Senior Buyer)

introducing us other product of DHC, do you notice the bubble in the bowl, its actually from the mild soap she is holding. 

Skin Analysis by DHC Beauty Advisor
"I'm smilling because she said everything is not oily, not dry, few dots of dead skin cell which means i'm taking good care of my skin, i need to keep the work on protecting my skin by consuming collagen beauty 7000 to prevent wrinkles and sagging. "
Meet ANNE from nuffnang

After event, everyone is served refreshment from Fukuya japanese restaurant.

DELICIOUS ?? GO and try it at
FUKUYA JAPANESE RESTAURANT, Jalan delima kuala lumpur


Ladies and Gentlemen, 
Start caring for your skin, just a bottle of DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 every night before sleep and Remember to take more water during the day to make sure your skin stay young! By taking DHC collagen beauty 7000 and healthy lifestyle, we will definitely slowing down the process of aging.