Hello beautiful,

I've been gone for so long, where am i and what's going on ?
I went back to Sabah to celebrate christmas with my family. And i have a great time with my family!! Thats why i don't have spare time to update my blog:) And I celebrated my new year eve with my cookie and boyfriend , we had to get back to kuala lumpur earlier because so much stuff to do here, cleaning the house and get ready for new semester for my study course.I would like to say thank you for all the gift!! I love it, and no one know me better than you guys!!

One of my new year resolution : (i'm not going to share my full long list that maybe i can't finish talking about them the whole year of 2013 )

1. Blogging everyday !!! yeah !! 

For an awesome New year , I want to thank you everyone that have been supporting my blog, read my blog, i really appreciate it ! I love you guys so much !! 

My 2012 christmas 

My early christmas celebration with my Bff :) We went to a korean restaurant which is a famous one called DAORAE. The food is delicious, my most favourite dish on that day is the Lamb!! We exchange christmas gift on that day and i love my present, thank you darlings !!! 

My 2nd early christmas celebration was with bloggers, we went to Bubba Gump at Sunway pyramid. I met new friends and it was a blast !! Lumi, Karen, Jane, Melissa, Chanwon, Vicky, Doris, and Bendan are my new blogger friends. I prepared a small gift for everyone, because christmas is all about giving so i though it was a good reason to make everyone happy:)

Our secret SANTA(www.wonderbox.com.my) send us a christmas present, it is a special box just for bloggers, we took like tons of photo, we had our dinner from Bubba Gump in a private room, and our dessert is from https://www.facebook.com/VelvetyLayers (i'm not a big fan of mille crepes, but i love their cake !!)  and not forgetting chocolate from https://www.facebook.com/my.pierreledent. I can tell that my 2012 christmas is the best !!!

i brought along all these stuff to let all the girls to enjoy taking photos!! some are handcraft by myself :) 
1,2 ,3 .. smile, chak!!

Thank you velvety layers and pierre ledent!! Make our day more sweet :)

Thank you wonderbox!! Secret Santa:)) should check out my giveaway New year's GIVEAWAY

say cheese everyone !!

Here are photos taken on the actual day of christmas :) I always celebrate my christmas around my family, and i'm glad that i have a huge family because chaos always my favourite !! I miss my family already, but Chinese new year is coming and i'm going back again. 

How was your christmas celebration ? What you got for christmas ? I might doing a post about my christmas gift, so check out my blog. Don't forget to check out my New year's GIVEAWAY, i will be doing more giveaway this year !