JANUARY cosmobox

Hi my beautiful reader,

COSMOBOX came knocking my door few days ago, and it came with a hard case box which i can reuse the box to store my makeup or any other stuff. The important part is what's inside it right? Is it worth the money ? My friend told me that the reason she don't want to subscribe any of the beauty box is because she don't like any sample from HAIR PRODUCT. I feel the same way too. Beside that, and she don't want to spend RM40 just for something not suitable for her. What do you think about beauty box ? will you subscribe one for your self?


never try this before .. 

gonna let this go to my bf, because i have no problem with acne

for some reason, i don't need a full sized perfume because i have so many samples already

omg, reminded my favourite long time ago..

the whole january box, i most excited is this OPI nail polish because it cost RM59.90, and the color is super nice on my toes.. 

My score for JANUARY cosmoBOX is 4/10. I'm not impressed by this month's box, except the nail polished.

what do you think ?