January Wonderbox

Hi beautiful,

Yesterday i received my monthly beauty box, and i can't wait to share with you guys what's inside my JANUARY WONDERBOX. For january box, i was surprised to get the hair chalk and the Ronasutra 2in 1 mineral foundation & powder. The hair chalk make me feel like i should do something fun, because this month is a busy and a lot of things to be done. I will take photos on how i'm going to use it for my first time.

I never heard of the brand Ronasutra, and i googled it and a lot of good feedback about it. I tried both of the MURAD products, and i would say the primer is really good, i haven't finish my previous tester because usually i will use a primer when i'm feeling to dolled up myself. I need more layers on my face:)

So the packaging come with a bubble wrap, because the box itself is not a hard box.

woot woot, my first hair chalk... and its in emerald color, which is the color of 2013 i mention in my previous post. 

I tried this before, you will feel tingling that might the Natural Fruit Enzymes and AHAs, that eat (dissolve) your dead skin cell and you don't even need to rub your skin to get rid of your dead skin cell. So its really good for those with dull skin and dry skin.

why i love murad primer? Because i love the result after i used it underneath my foundation, dewy finish and is an oil-free primer. I can even used it with my powder , because it does brighten up my skin. 
The color is sheer.
This is not my favourite and i don't like the smell of it. 

Gonna try this soon :) i haven't heard of it , but i google it and pretty good feedback. stay tuned to my feedback :) It also can be found nationwide. check their website- http://www.ronasutra.com

Beauty tips: If you have flaky skin, it is best to use mineral powder. If you use liquid foundation, you skin will look patchy and uneven. By using mineral powder foundation, you skin will look flawless:)

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