Hi beautiful,

I can't help myself from subscribing to beauty box, because i need to have surprises knocking my door every month, and i'm not sticking to particular company because each of them are bringing different kind of brand.Beside that, by subscribing beauty box, i can try out different kind of beauty brand in the market. And the most important is that, i do not need to pay full amount of money to try certain product.

I ordered November BBF beauty box,  i received it yesterday because when they ready to ship i'm already having my holiday at Sabah.  And i have a good experience dealing everything with them through their fb page. They have been replying all my inquiries. So they are giving 100% good service :)

So let me introduce BBF beauty box

They provided beauty box for MEN AND WOMEN! 

Subscribe every month to get their special monthly box for RM40 
check out their website for more info, or you can go to their facebook and connect with them by sending message for any inquiry or subscription of their beauty box, they will reply you as soon as possible!I promise you. 

They ship all over MALAYSIA. No matter you are in SABAH or SARAWAK, you will get it too . 

FEBRUARY BOX for only RM30 !!! Grab it while stock last. ps: i'm not affiliated with their company. 

I paid for RM40 each for Men and Girl's beauty box. 

MEN's beauty box and Girl's beauty box 

MEN's Beauty box

Everything came in a good condition. I was really surprise that he is getting

1. CETAPHIL CLEANSER (full sized 473ml)
5. Mentholatum Natural treatment Lip balm (full sized)

They smell ready good!! 

Girl's beauty box

Well i got 9 products in my box:
1. Mirror anna sui inspired (but the mirror came off from the casing)
2. French Manicure Kit from sally hansen
3. crabtree citron hand cream
4.Lullabele hand made soap - Paste Dream Soap
5.Montagne jennesse face mask
6. Bioglo hydrating Spa mask
7.Givenchy perfume
8. pouch
9. Mua lipstick

the mirror came off fromt he casing. But i can glue them again

too bad that i cant use use normal way, but then i can put in another container. 

Overall, i was really happy to get the Sally Hansen French manicure Kit, i've been wanting to get it but i always come up with second though where i never going to do my nail, but now i got it so Yeah !!!
Btw, i have contacted them and tell them about some defect, and they are going to send me a new one. What a good service !! Thumbs Up !!!

If you don't have any extra money to spend on beauty box, I'm having a New year's GIVEAWAY ,  check it out ! Good luck !