My new hair color 2013

Hello beautiful,

Chinese New Year is another one week, I love that I need to go shopping for Chinese New Year clothes, a new hair , and every thing new (if I have the $$$) .

I have decided to get my hair done by Steve Koh @76 style . At first I wanna something really crazy and very light shade of color . But then I let him to work his magic on my hair. I was quite happy with my hair but how I wish my hair is longer, because I found that I look much better with longer hair. And the hair color is so simple nothing special actually, but then I noticed that my skin glowing with it. My skin look healthier with my hair color now. Beside that, Steve helped me to lighten my eyebrows as well, so that my eyebrow look lighter than before . Did I mention that, my hair didn't smell with strong chemical , it didn't bother me at all by the smell, even after wash. This is why I love to do my color @76style. Not just me loving the service there, both my best friend also been going to the same saloon.

How I wish I can really capture the hair color of mine , but then I need a really good skill, good camera and good lightning to do that.

What is your hair color now ? Do you happy with it ? Share with me ;)

Ps: A right hair color, will definitely be a major part on your whole look ;)) so be sure to talk to your hair stylish for the right hair color . You can decide your hair color by determining your skin tone(cool skin tone match with Cool colour tone, and for warm skin tone match with warm color)

In progress....