Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar

Hi Beautiful,

Do you know that the most important step for a healthy flawless face is CLEANSING?
With a proper cleansing removes impurities, leaving skin clean and refreshed. Thus, helps our skin absorb the beneficial ingredients of other face care products more easily.

And do you know that not every cleansing product is suitable for our skin?
Choosing a right cleansing product is not so easy,

There is a lot of product out there to be discovered and today i'm going to share with you guys my most recent cleanser product for 2 months now! This product is actually introduced by the  wonderbox that i got for christmas, and i didn't try it out until last month, i was contacted by the brand executive of Gamila, she explained about the brand and how the soap will renew my skin, and she want an honest review from me. So she asked me to try it out for at least 28 days to see result. And i went to their website, and google about it to know more about it. I was inspired by the story of GAMILA SECRET which i highly recommended to watch the documentary, all gamila secret workers are all women, check out their website:

I've been using GAMILA secret cleansing bar for almost 2 months now, and i'm already using my second cleansing bar . It is my current favourite, because i have never use anything like it, i have sensitive and dry skin problem and most of my cleanser product  that i have used they make my skin feel tight and dry especially if i didn't apply anything right after i finished cleansing. But Gamila secret doesn't make my skin feel dry even if i just leave it after i cleansed my face. Beside that, Gamila secret cleansing bar is a healing bar where it can renew your skin by using it continuously for 28 days, i noticed that so far i've used this soap that doesn't irritate my skin after i wash my face, no redness around the cheeks.What i like about this soap, is that it is actually handmade from six purest vegetable oils and 15 hand-picked herbs.  No artificial perfumes, preservatives or colouring added. 
I know most of us including myself is not a fan of soap bar because it is hard to travel with but i found a soap container at MUJI midvalley(probably Rm6) and it just make my life easier to travel with Gamila secret cleansing bar. Gamila secret also selling their travel pouch especially for their cleansing bar(Rm33). 
 I'm planning to try other types of gamila secret cleansing bar according to my skin concerns . The purpose of using the original gamila secret cleansing bar first is to see whether the reaction of your skin towards this kind of herbs soap, if lets say it's ok for you, then you can jump to any types of cleansing bar. There are 8 types of cleansing bar.

I introduced gamila secret to my boyfriend's aunt, because i noticed redness, sensitive skin around her cheeks. So after she tried out Gamila cleansing bar, the redness instantly reducing and she can't wait to change her cleanser product to gamila secret. 

Mini Original Gamila secret cleansing bar RM66

what i like about it :
squeaky clean without drying out my skin
not tight feeling after using it
relaxing smell
natural ingredients
can be use as a body soap as well, even for baby
can be use as a mask and shaving emulsion

What i don't like about it: 
need to 
My score : A

my naked face ...

8 types of Gamila secret cleansing bar: 

1. Original 
Suitable for : all skin types including sensitive skin type, even those that are allergic to essential oils. Both men and women. Babies from 0 to 6 months. 

Beneficial effects: Cleanses, soothes, restores & prevent irritations.

2.lavendar heaven

Suitable for : normal to dry skin. A sweet fresh scent that relaxes, refreshes and restores the balance of dry skin. Restore thin and fragile skin. Neutralises redness(rosacea). Soothes eczema and psoriasis. Relaxes and soothes the body and soul. Suitable for calming a baby before bedtime. 

Beneficial effects: soothes, antibacterial, restores and softening. 

3.reviving rosemary
Suitable for :normal to combination skin. Protects the skin from harmful influences. Revitalizes and gives an energy boost to the skin. Soothing to the scalp. 

Beneficial effects: cleanses, nourishes, rich in antioxidants, rich in calcium & vitamin B6. 

4.Jasmine comfort
Suitable for: normal to combination skin. Stimulates the skin's natural hydration balance. Strengthens the skin and improves elasticity, resulting in a clearer, firmer skin. 

Beneficial effects: cleanses, softens, strengthens, nourishes &intensifies moisturising.

5.Spearmint Sparkle
Suitable for: combination to oily skin. Soothes and heals painful acne, reduces sebum. Refreshes and stimulates the skin's natural balance. 

Beneficial effects: Cleanses, antibacterial, soothes, antiseptic& pore refining. 

6.Miracle Mentha
Suitable for: combination to oily skin. Regulates sebum, resulting in refined pores and a clear skin. Refreshes and cools the skin after sun exposure. Also ideal for shaving. heal imperfections.

Beneficial for: Cleanses, cools and refreshes, soothes, reduces redness & reduces irritations. 

7.Creamy vanilla(premium line) 
Suitable for: Normal to dry skin. Contain softening properties to offer the skin extra comfort. Protect against free radicals and premature ageing of the skin through vitamins A, E and F. Contains more shea butter. Has a high concentration of antioxidants.

Beneficial effects: Cleanses, nourishes, protects, soothes, restore and rich in antioxidants.

8.Wild rose(premium line)
Suitable For: Normal to dry and combination skin. strengthen and restores the skin's collagen synthesis balance. supports the natural defines mechanism of the skin through the high concentration of vitamin C. Prevents premature aging. Revitalizes and evens the skin tone.

Beneficial effects: cleanses, detoxifies, stimulates microcirculation, protects, softens and anti aging.

Video for Gamila secret brand documentary :
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start from 1:57 for quick demonstration on how to use Gamila secret 

Before using Gamila secret, first moist the bar with some water so the living, natural ingredients are released. For a maximun cleaning and nourishing effect, allow the gamila secret soak in for a minute before rinsing off . In the meantime, softly massage the emulsion into your skin.

You can get it @MALAYSIA STORE:

The Gardens, Mid valley city
4th and 5th floor
opening hours: 10am-9pm

Parkson sunway pyramid
opening hours: 10am-10pm

Online shopping: (free shipping nationwide)

So what do you think about Gamila secret cleansing bar so far? have you tried it before ? let us know what do you think about it ? thank you for spending your time here :)