Bag of love

Hello beautiful, 
Today i'm bringing a GOOD NEWS for all of you ! 
I love beauty box subscription where i pay certain amount and i get a surprise box with 5- 6 premium sample beauty product. Luckily currently there is 7 company giving this service in malaysia . (This is the link list of other beauty box company if you are wondering )
WOOT WOOT !! There is another Hot Brand new Beauty Box subscription called "BAG OF LOVE" joining the beauty box family !!

What's so special about it ? 

Instead of receiving a box with beauty product, You are going to receive products in a  Makeup bag. 
So you can keep the bag and store your beauty product inside. 
The bag is so inspired by Victoria secret bag, It's so pretty !!!
How much is it? 
Shipping is for free :) 
Currently not available for SABAH AND SARAWAK. 


1.Click this ----->
After you click the link i given above, you will see a page like this below:
2.choose how many months you want to subscribe . 

3. Fill up your detail & make your payment , just wait for your "BAG OF LOVE" to knock on your door. (once your choose the how many months you want to subscribe, you wont be charge anything after your subscription is over)
Give a thumbs up for their Fb page:
And you can directly contact them through fb message:)

ps: Gentlemen out there if you are accidentally reading this blogpost, Subscribe one for your mother/sister/girlfriend !! They surely Love you more !!!! (arghh.. how i hope someone could send me one )