My random weekly roundup

Hello beautiful, 
Thank you for for stopping by, today i'm just gonna randomly talk about my weekly roundup. What's going on with me. 
 So I've watched 5 movies this week. I love watching movies ! I am a movie junkie!! 

My personal score for each movie : 

1. The call 
I was really happy with the ending , it really surprise me. If you love watching serial killer movie, you can go for this. .I just hope that there is more Action going on.
score: 3/5

2. Warm bodies
Another nice movie, a love + Action + funny ... not much of zombie killing, or zombie eating human brain scene. Its a story on how the zombie cured without medicine.I really love the story line of this movie. Go watch it!

score: 3.5/5

3. The last exorcism Part II

I though it would be really scary ! And i was so ready to scream and be prepared to be scare but then it doesn't scary at all!! So you can go watch it  if you really want to watch a not so scary exorcism movie . 

score: 1.5/5

4. The Croods 
I love this cartoon !! A Must watch !!! Never ever stay at your comfort zone, Go and try everything that trigger your curiosity !! (beside drugs killing or anything bad ! ) 

score: 4/5

5. Princess and seven kung fu master 
I'm a big fan of WONG CHO LAM !! This is an action+ comedy movie, i hope for more funny scenes in this movie. 

score: 2.5/5

I would like to share my favourite random things that make my life easier! 
The velvet hanger by I-chef from METROJAYA . Having sales now for RM20 each set (8pieces) and Rm50 for 3 set. They come with a lot of colour options (blue, red, black, pink, purple, grey) 

My favourite beauty related -sleeping mask from SAMPAR  (which i will make another post talk more about it ) 

Lastly, I've been cleaning the whole house to welcome my sister because she is going to stay with me, of course with the help of my boyfriend which is obviously cleaning better than me, but not as good as my organising stuff ! But when he clean, it means 100% clean !! So i need him to be my assistant:) thank you honey bear ! I've been shopping for house stuff, new bed sheet almost everything that will make my sister feel comfortable here :) 

Here some scoop for My Next week , i will be having fun week because my baby sister is coming here for some happy fun time with me , and not forgetting my mother is here too.. It will be my shopping spree time !!!! And my super cool grandmother which is too cool to be my grandmother. Thank you god! so stay tuned for my Next weekly roundup :)