Cookie 1st Birthday !!

Hello everyone, 
Today 09/04/2013 , We are celebrating my first pet 1st birthday !! I baked her a cake (which i failed for 2 times) but finally I did it ! I cooked some Pasta for everyone. She love my cake so much and i'm glad that she love it !!! Her name is Cookie , She is a shih tzu breed :) I can't believe that she is now grown up and she is just a precious little fried. She always be there for me. I'm so thankful and grateful that i have the opportunity to know her and live with her in my life :) 

make a wish !!!

I'm so lucky to have you cookie!!! 

Sister Wen, me , cookie and aunt Joe'c

Sister Wen, me and lucas(boyfie)

 cookie's bday cake !!! 

cookie:"This is so YUMMY !!! Thank you mami !!!"

cookie: "Where is my present??"