Esse organic skincare available in MALAYSIA

Hi beautiful , 
I attended Esse organic skincare Launch @ THE SOMPOTON SPA, Hotel Istana. 

Esse organic skincare is a range of cutting-edge professional and retail skincare products, manufactured in South Africa, using unique anti-ageing active ingredients, wild -sourced from legendary Africa plants. 

Esse is certified organic by Ecocert France so customers are assured of clean, sustainable products. Esse also supports Phytotrade Africa and the Fair Trade movement, which ensures that the ingredients and raw materials used are sourced and purchased from local co-operatives to uplift and empower rural communities. PhytoTrade also ensures that the wild populations of these plants are maintained. 
Esse Products are free of parabens ,petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance and synthetic colorants. Their products are packaged in glass. Esse is also accredited by beauty without Cruelty and endorsed by the Vegan Society. 

Baobab seed oil - high in omega 3 , 6 and 9 oils but the most important are the phytosterols- they reduce DNA damage in cells. Useful in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis.

Rooibos extract- decreses melanontic pigmentation, anti aging, repairs sun damage. 

Marula seed oil- 4 times more vitamin C than orange, unidentified new anti-oxidant, easily absorbed into the skin and has anti aging properties.

Kigelia- anti aging, 68% reduction in melanoma, skin lightening , potent anti-inflammatory, breast firming. 

Why Organic Products Are Better ? 

Everything we put on our skin eventually going to be absorb by our body.  So it is important that we choose our product without harmful ingredient. Certified Organic products are free from preservatives, synthetic ingredients, fragrances, and etc. 

My Review on Esse organic skincare product
 They are Certified Organic beauty product, and also beauty without cruelty. I have tried their Cleanser, scrub and their Cream mask, I absolutely love them because they are free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrance and synthetic colorants

I have dry and dull skin, so after I have tried the COCOA EXFOLIATOR, it brighten up my skin. Besides that, after I put on Cream mask, it certainly hydrated my skin and my skin feel softer. The products are gentle on the skin, even if you have sensitive skin you can still use them. The most important is that I'm getting to nourishes my skin naturally. I really love the smell of the products. Every time you put them on, you can smell such a relaxing scent.
If want to find a product that is NATURAL, ECO FRIENDLY, AND HIGHLY EFFECTIVE then definitely check out ESSE organic skincare product. 
Cream cleanser
Suitable for all skin types
removes makeup

Gel cleanser
suitable for all skin types

cocoa exfoliator
all skin types
a delectable exfoliation experience

Cream Mask
A mask to feed and nourish the most dehydrated skins.

Where can I find ESSE organic skincare ? What is the Price ranges? 

It is available at THE SOMPOTON SPA, check their website here. Price started from Rm100 and above.

 The butterfly Project - Beauty Bloggers invited me to attend this event:) Thank you Tammy!