Let's Unboxing my 1st "The Lilac'sBox"

Hello beautiful, 
So today i'm going to share with you guys my 1st TheLilacBox which was their 2nd edition of beauty box. The lilac box is not a monthly subscription beauty box, they will announce the arrival of the new box through email, their fb page or website. They are fast selling beauty box, where the first box is sold within  3 days and the second box is within 1 week. So if you want to get one for yourself then you might need to register yourself in their website so that they will send you an email regarding the new box soon:) 
So, Let's see what product that they included in their 2nd box. 
They are using Gdex company to ship all the boxes. My box come in a perfect shape, but the product spilled out out a little bit, maybe the product packaging itself have problem. 
The box is completely plain without any printing, this is because we can reuse them to store or as a gift box. I really love the fact that it came like this, because usually all the box are printed with their logo and i prefer a box that doesn't represent anything, it's easier for me to reuse them :)

I love the blue wrapping paper, it just makes me feel like the box is all about relaxing.

The product that i received in the box:

Redken Intra force shampoo and conditioner
When i opened it up, i saw a big bottle of shampoo and conditioner, which doesn't cheer me up at all because i have a sensitive scalp and i can't simply use any shampoo and if i do my scalp will react.

Lunasol skin fusing powder foundation&smoothing makeup base
Then i saw the Lunasol skin finishing powder foundation that I got it from another beauty box. Actually I got 4 of them right now including this one,  I'm not sure if I'm happy to see it again because the good thing is i can save up my money not to buy the full sized of it. As for the colour, it seems quite okay to my skin tone, but if its appear darker I can still use it to contour my face. But to be appearing in the beauty box for few times seem to bore me.

It is matte finish. The coverage of the powder is medium coverage if used under foundation if used it alone, then it is a sheer. It doesn't have a weird smell like some cosmetic do. You will look cakey if you use too much of it. 
The texture of the smoothing makeup base is so easy to blend to you skin. Remember to apply on makeup base before you put any makeup, the makeup will last longer :) 

Calvin Klein Beauty / Calvin klein sheer beauty
As for the perfume sample, I love them. I got so many perfume sample that I didn't need to buy any full sized perfume anymore. And I have a lot of option too :) The smell of the Calvin Klein Beauty just give a boost of feminine feeling. And the other one called Sheer beauty is fresh floral scent. I love them both so much after trying them out. If you are looking for a new perfume why not try this out :)

Nuxe huile prodigieuse&Nuxe clensing gel 

Both product is very new to me. So i really was interested on them. I tried both of them and i found they have this smell which i don't know if its okay with everyone, but i'm okay with it.

The Nuxe huile prodigieuse  is a face oil, body oil and also oil for hair. It can nourishes, repairs and softens face, body and hair. I tried it on my hair and face. It tames my frizzy hair. And it also moisturises my skin without feeling too oily. I don't know if I will repurchase them, maybe after I finish the sample then I will decide if it really good for me.

Overall, for paying i think Rm49.90 And to get all these stuff , considerable okay, it just that i don't like receiving shampoo in my beauty box. The most interesting product is the NUXE product, they are new to me and i'm happy that it is included in the box. I hope that i won't get any shampoo again in the future, also not repeating the same product that i got before in other beauty box. 

If you want to get your Lilac box - check out their website http://www.thelilacbox.com
and dont forget to check out their fb age, because they give hints on what brand will be featured on the next box- https://www.facebook.com/thelilacbox