Magazine with goodies @Kinokuniya Klcc

Hello everyone, 

Happy SUNDAY !

Yesterday, I have a limited time of 1 hour for shopping.
So i went to Kinokuniya and i was looking for magazines at the Japanese section where the magazines comes with cute gift ! 

I was looking around for 30 minutes and i didn't find anything, before i leave, of course i make double check and guess what i found ! 

Woohoo... I found Coach magazine for men and woman with cute goodies inside, so i took both of them( i need to get something for my honey bear). And then i grab Chinese Elle magazines comes with goodies also. Lastly i took another book that show steps and how to mahke the stubborn cellulite go away , the book come with a tool. 
Price :
Coach magazine Rm67.40 
Elle magazine Rm26.90 
Where you can find them ? 
KLCC Kinokuniya :) 
Extra 10% with member card. 

I can put my cards and it come with a zipper at the back for more compartments.And the big pouch that can put an IPad mini inside. 

1. measurement H19.5cm x W22.5cm
2. Note book cover or organiser pouch h19 x W15cm
3. Note book H19x W12.4cm

1.You can put camera, pens and more stuff in the bigger pouch
2.You can put money ,cards, and coins
3. note book also can fit in the note book pouch.

This is a cute backpack! I can't help myself for not getting them. Elle magazines one of my favorite magazine. 

This is a easy way to massage and get rid of stubborn cellulite. I don't know how it really works but it seem fun to have it and use it while showering :) 

When the times is up for me to go home, i stop by at Harrods and get my favourite SCONEs...