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Wednesday, April 10, 2013
Hello everyone, 
Last month, one of of my blog reader (Tinypinc) contacted me and asked me whether she can send some of her handmade miniature and if i were able to help her review her works. She told me she love doing it, and she is actually selling them out to public, so i thought why not sharing with everybody. 
The packaging come in a small box. 

they are secured in a zip lock bag.

Cute earring. I prefer it to be a stud earring instead of this hanging style earring.
RM12 per pair

Its a camera.. plug-in for phone, too bad that i don't like using tangling stuff attached to my phone cz i usually broke them apart. I will attach this to my keychain.
They are certainly mini and cute,but i hope they can be more flawless finish look. I spotted more design that she has made in her fb page that is SUper Cute( like the croissant, macaroons, rainbow cake with scented vanilla) -
She also giving service for personalised order . You can just contact her at her FB page -
Don't forget to like her Fb to support her :)Good luck to her !! Thank you for the miniature Ah yin:) 
ps: i love doing clay craft as well, i made flower, cartoon figure.. i love to send them as a personalised gift. You should try them too :)