Vanity Troove "Awesome wholesome" May edition

Hello everyone !
Today i'm gong to talk about The Awesome Wholesome Vanity Troove ( May edition). Is it really an awesome box ? Keep reading....

It is really an AWESOME WHOLESOME BOX !!! I love the may edition box! 

Why is the May edition Vanity troove AWESOME ??
I received this box early May, and I've already used all products except the face mist because I tried it before and I still have my own face mist, so I'm going to keep it as a stock :)
The box come with 3 full sized products and 2 sample products. One product is missing because I lost it somewhere in my house. I do not know where I put it, it is the Pure south Organic Fresh Goat body lotion(255ml RM59), seriously I like the texture of the product, it is very light land not oily at all, but as much as I can recall, it does smell good too(light scented). It contains vitamin A and D-rich lotion is effective for treating dry and distressed skin condition. I'm going to buy the full sized of this product.
Vanity troove really surprise me with the hair product, which is the Schwarzkopf Essensity Natural shine serum (full sized 50ml Rm56 ) . I was actually wanted to buy a hair serum but now I can save my money,which is really making me happy ! And it work on my hair !  It tamed my crazy hair and it is not oily at all! It also do not have strong smell, it is a good product. It contains a combination of organic essences of sesame and olive oil
I always burn essential oil or candles whenever I'm home. Burning candles or essential oil can relax me.The only brand I tried is from The Body Shop. Vanity troove includes an essential oil from Heaven On Earth(RM50 5ml) and now i have the opportunity to try out other brand. Because i love it so much, i'm going to purchase it from with Rm25 cash voucher, which is included in this month box as well !!

Another great product is included in the box, is the Avene Thermal spring water(50ml RM19). This is the oldest brand of face mist that I'm still using it until now. It can be use it throughout the day to get refresh! It doesn't have any smell. It is also good for sensitive skin where it can soothes and soften your skin.  Beside that,  you can also spray it all over your body to hydrate your skin especially if you are in an air-conditioned room. This is the smallest packaging, it can easily take for travel around.

Recently, I love to try out soap bar especially organic type or handmade soap, guess what vanity troove include a soap bar in the may box. It is the Tilley's Goat milk soap (Rm12 single twin Rm26twin-pack). It does not come in that "bubble maker thing"(to lather up the soap bar). After I tried it out, this is turn out my least favourite product for this box. It cleanse my skin, but I did not feel like it moisturize my skin because I hope for my skin become more moisture and softer after a shower. It contains organic shea butter, organic Jojoba oil and organic cocoa butter. Although it is made from the purest australian goat milk farm, it doesn't have that strong goat smell.It is chemical-free product and best for those with sensitive skin. I won't repurchase this again because i still have many body wash product waiting for me to try them out right now( will share about my body shower soap/gel soon ).

Finally, I also getting cash voucher from RM25 i use this to purchase the Heaven on earth essential oil) and Rm20 can apply on antipodes &Nvey eco product). Beside that also a complimentary of  4 in 1 body detoxification therapy from MARY CHIA and i can top up RM68 for another treatment called DES or Vibro shape, definitely gonna go and try them out and blog about my experience there:) 

What did you guys think of this month's Vanity Troove? Which was your favourite product ? If you'd like to sign up to Vanity Troove, just for Rm50 a month Subscribe Now. Stay tuned to their website or Fb page because you can join their makeup workshop and skincare workshop and more activities.