My new go-to blogging gadget

using Nx 1000 without flash, auto mode
Hi everyone, I'm so excited to write this post today because this is my first time using my samsung galaxy tab 2 7.0 to uplood new post. Woot woot ! I'm so excited because I just got this new gadget today. And it is actually for me to easily blogging on the go. Actually it came with a set of camera + tablet from samsung. Thry are perfect for me. I will do an update after a month of using them.

My first impression:

I don't know about camera, but i do  know what kind photo that i want. For the camera samsung nx 1000, it works fine and it gives me good outcome. But I think I should buy a new lense for better result of the photo that I want. And I can easily transfer my photo to my galaxy tab or my iphone. Besides that, I can use my iphone to be the view finder for my camera , but it is a bit lag..I dunno what happen. I will try to solve it. I will update more about this camera.
I got the black one because I love my camera to look like pro:) I will put some crystal somewhere to make it cute.

using galaxy tab 2 7.0, using Cymera to edit 
For the galaxy tab, the camera is sucks! But I use the Cymera to make my photo look better. It is in White colour. Overall its fine now. I need to get it a screen protector and also a cute cover. Do let know if you guys know where should i purchase them. 

using Nx1000, auto mode, no flash.

What camera are you using now ? Have you tried this camera or tablet before ?

Stay gorgeous ..

using Nx1000, auto mode, i forget if i used flash or not.

using Nx1000, auto mode , using CYmera to edit

I'm actually blogging while my sister is having playing water in the swimming pool :)