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Why i need a Massage ??

Thursday, June 27, 2013
Hello everyone!! 

The butterfly project is giving away 50 invites to "MASSAGE PARTY" at Amante nail spa &body care. 
I want to get invitation from The butterfly project because 

1. It's my birthday month. 

I would love to to have a relaxing MASSAGE PARTY. Please let me have a massage and to recharged my body back because i know they are more party waiting for me !!! :)

2. Meeting new Blogger friends

I can meet with my blogger friends, and get this opportunity to make more new friends. Can you imagine my birthday gift for this year is so HUGE( i have more GIRL-FRIENDS)  if i can go to the massage party. 

3. Pampered by Amante nail spa& body care

The massage therapist is from AMANTE nail spa and body. Their hand are so magical that can make you relax and just enjoy the massaging moment :) 
Amante nail spa & body care provides a range of service carefully selected to create a sanctuary for women. Delivering exquisite service for more than 6 years now. Amante nail spa& body care is a haven for women seeking a superlative spa experience that house all their popular beauty and wellness needs. 

Who doesn't need a massage? Everyone need it, right ?

If you are a awesome blogger, come together Join this "Massage Party" because the collaborators are AWESOME. 

Please..Please.. let me win the invite..