Discover REN Clean skincare

Hello beautiful, 
I was invited to attend Lilac encounter with Ren event. This event was held at the KEN APOTHECARY Bangsar Village. It is my first time get to know about Ren Clean Skincare. Ren Clean Skincare is bringing healthier, more beautiful skin that look younger for longer. 
What really attracting me to this brand, it is free from skin unfriendly ingredients or potential irritants. With latest discoveries in bio active technology to produce skincare formulation that boost the skin natural processes of protection, repair and renewal. Ren also using vacuum packaging to preserve the product so that it contain lower preservative.
REN Clean Skincare: ‘Your Skin Is A Lifetime Investment Plan". (Totally agree)
Why choose REN ? 
Performance- REN gives you groundbreaking product formulation, the latest hi-tech actives, rigorous product testing and clinically proven results.
Purity - REN use only 100% plant and mineral derived actives and is free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients.
Pleasure - We believe that the texture, fragrance and experience of using REN can make the world a slightly nicer place to be and make us feel slightly nicer being here. Since its launch in 2000 REN has become a cult favourite amongst beauty editors and consumers and is now available in department stores, pharmacies and spas in over 50 countries around the world. 
Ren is free from synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, petrolatum, sulfate detergents, synthetic colours, animal ungredients and parabens.
REN clean skincare has covered for all skin type or even problematic skin. Not only of facial care, even for body care as well. 

These are products that i think worth to try&buy : 
1. REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash
I love to shower with with REN Moroccan Rose Otto Body Wash ! The winner of the Instyle Best Body wash award for 11 years in a row. It leaves my skin silky and i feel pampered all the time after i used it ! It has moroccan rose otto oil,  which is one of the most expensive and revered essential oil. The  scent of rose is known for stress relieving and harmonising properties. It also has the unique packaging to preserved the product.

2. REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask

This bad boy here gives instant result. It actually instantly brighten up your skin. This is why i love it and it is worth trying. Just from the first application you will notice your skin become softer and brighten up. It can remove dead skin cells, combating with congestion, blackheads and blemishes. You can experience it by visiting their counter and see the result instantly!

3. Sensitive skin range

REN's best selling sensitive skin range avoids known allergens and detrimental skincare ingredients, protects against environmental aggression/pollution and is formulated with a range of bio actives that calm, strengthen and 'train' sensitive skin to be less reactive.

Whether your skin is sensitive? 
Reactive, red, blotchy skin; tight and dry skin; blushing or permanent slushing; signs of eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

4.Combination skin range

This range also one of the best selling ranges. Because it is true to the philosophy of encouraging skin to normalise itself through the help of ground breaking as well as tried and tested bio actives. The ideal solution for combination skin is a range that carefully balances the skin, avoiding the "strip- oil attack" cycle that causes combination skin to swing continually from one extreme to another.

If you want to experience with REN clean skincare, you are welcome to check them out at KEN APOTHECARY Bangsar Village. The staff is superB and you can enjoy yourself trying products and choose the best one :)