Haul from Luxasia warehouse sales !!

Hello friends, 
My haul from Luxasia warehouse sales !!! I went there on the first day and i got a lot of goodies. The sales are so worth it, you can get as low as Rm50 fragrance which is still selling retail price at the mall.

I was so glad that i got the TALIKA light 590 collagen booster for RM250(which i've been eyeing for so long !!). I got the craziest deal ever which include Talika feet therapy Makeup(Rm90) and Talika enzymes mask for (RM60). Guess what, i got all the Anna Sui goodies from the price of RM10 - RM60 only!! 
I did bought something for a GIVEAWAY !! Wohoo!! 
I have no idea on how this contest will be ? Any good idea ? Maybe contest through instagram ? or  ??