Hello friends,

I'm announcing my first Fb winning contest ever ! I always thought that winning any contest almost impossible for me; finally I know how it feel !! I Feel GOOD ... 

I WON a Rolleiflex Mini Digi Af5.0 Minox camera and 6 months Kanebo facial treatment. I am really happy that I've won Kanebo The Ultimate Fit Flawless Contest!! Thank you Kanebo.

(Please listen to this song and I want to dance exactly like this. )


BABY Rolleiflex CAMERA, it is super small. Smaller than my hand palm. 

These are photos taken by Rolleiflex minidigi Af5.0:
my dog was playing his toy 

in the living room, low light. 
I will try to blog about my experience with Kanebo facial treatment at their Kanebo counter, which I haven't tried before here in KL. But few years back when I still in my junior high school i tried them at Kota Kinabalu. Kanebo recently have a problem with all their whitening product, I wonder how they are going to proceed with the brightening facial treatment, will let you guys know soon :) I'm going to make my first appointment in August. 
Check out my previous experience facial treatment at their Bangsar Salon HERE.
Thank you so much for every votes that's make me a happy girl.